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Serving beer since 1684

Established in 1684, The Bull Inn stands proudly as a cherished landmark at the centre of Great Milton in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. Our rich history weaves itself into the very fabric of the pub, offering a unique and welcoming atmosphere for all.

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Carrying on the tradition

Today, Flora, Bob, and our dedicated team are committed to upholding the Bull's legacy. We possess a deep understanding of the local area and its people. Our passion lies in preserving the pub's character and authenticity, ensuring it remains a true haven of traditional English pub culture for generations to come.

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Welcome to The Bull

Whether you're a local resident seeking a familiar space to unwind or a visitor eager to experience a slice of English history, The Bull welcomes you with open arms. We invite you to step inside, savor a delicious meal, raise a toast with a refreshing drink, and become part of our story.

A remarkable journey

Established in 1684, The Bull Inn holds a rich history as a cherished pub. The collection of title deeds and documents date back to July 11, 1893, showcasing the heritage that resonates within our walls.


Over the years, the ownership transitioned from The Wallingford Brewery Limited in 1918, to Morrells Brewery Limited in 1947. In 2002, Morrells was acquired by Greene King, who decided to put it up for sale a decade later.

There was genuine concern within the village about the future of our beloved pub.  In response, the pub was bought by The Great Milton Pub Company. 

The current owners of The Great Milton Pub Company have a deep understanding of the local area and the desire to provide an exceptional experience. Their investment in the pub's success ensures that it remains a vibrant and thriving part of the community for years to come.

Book a table at The Bull

The Bull, Great Milton, Oxfordshire, OX44 7NS

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